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Violence against paramedics is never OK

On average a paramedic is assaulted in Victoria every 50 hours. Last year 147 paramedics were assaulted.

Aggression and violence against paramedics and other health workers is totally unacceptable. It鈥檚 never OK.

Our paramedics will leave scenes where they don鈥檛 feel safe.

Violence can have a devastating impact on our staff, like Darelle, whose jaw was broken when a patient attacked her in an ambulance.

If you find yourself at a scene where someone needs emergency healthcare, to help聽provide a safe environment for our ambos to work.

Safety is our number one priority

We have worked hard in the past couple of years to ensure that safety is the number one priority for everyone at AV6K成人网.

Our paramedics and first responders have undertaken virtual reality training to help prevent occupational violence.

The training was made possible by a $900,000 State Government grant and equips paramedics with the behavioural and tactical skills to reduce exposure to occupational violence.

Under the program, participants watch lifelike scenarios featuring scenes where paramedics are exposed to a variety of occupational violence hazards, with actors playing patients and bystanders.

Paramedics completing occupational violence training

It鈥檚 never OK campaign

The highlights that aggression and abuse towards healthcare workers, including paramedics, is unacceptable. Violence and aggression is a serious issue across our health sector, with 95% of healthcare workers having experienced violence on the job.