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Ambulance is a unique working environment, where the actions of each employee contribute to the ultimate aim of caring for our patients. While the lifesaving work of our paramedics is the cornerstone of AV6K成人网, what goes on behind the scenes is just as important to helping us help the community. With more than 4000 employees, there are a variety of jobs out on the road and in our support functions including finance, people services, IT, payroll, operational projects and many others. A career at AV6K成人网 is so much more than just a job, it is a real way to make a difference.

Become a Paramedic

If you would like to join AV6K成人网 as a qualified paramedic, you must hold a recognised Paramedicine qualification, have suitable experience and be registered with the . Registrations must be made through the .

If you are interested in joining as a Graduate Ambulance Paramedic, you must have completed, or be in your final semester of a recognised university course.

The paramedic course is generally a three-year degree and teaches students the fundamentals of their medical training including anatomy, biology and physiology.

AV6K成人网 recognises courses accredited by the . A list of these courses can be found on the .

To work as a paramedic with AV, you must be a citizen of Australia or New Zealand, or be an Australian Permanent Resident. You must also hold a full driver鈥檚 licence or have held a probationary licence as P2 for at least a year.

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Become A First Responder

As a First Responder you will support AV6K成人网 to respond to emergencies in rural and remote Victoria, working alongside paramedics to deliver exceptional patient care.

First Responders are dispatched to 鈥000鈥 calls in their communities to provide life saving interventions and medical care to patients. They attend traffic accidents, respiratory and cardiac cases and other incidents requiring emergency care. A medical background is not required as you鈥檒l undertake training to develop and maintain your life-saving skills.

To work as a First Responder with AV, you must be a citizen of Australia or New Zealand, or be an Australian Permanent Resident. You must also hold a full driver鈥檚 licence or probationary licence as P2 licence and be willing to commit to regular on-call shifts and training.

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Non Paramedic Careers

A career at AV6K成人网 extends much beyond being a paramedic.

We are an integral part of the Victorian public health system and require talented people across a diverse range of support areas to assist more than 3,500 paramedics and operational staff.

Career options include:

  • Research
  • Membership
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Project Management

Thinking about work experience at AV6K成人网?

Unfortunately, due to occupational health and safety rules along with privacy requirements, AV6K成人网 is unable to offer work experience opportunities. This includes both on road and corporate offices.

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