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Voices of our community

Voices of our Community

AV6K成人网 is an emergency service that prides itself on giving our patients the right care at the right place at the right time. Community feedback can help improve the service we provide you and your community, and in turn, your participation in an emergency may help save someone鈥檚 life.

Our services were born in the community and community remains at the heart of everything we do.

Accessibility Action Plan

AV6K成人网 is proud to have released its first Accessibility Action Plan to ensure we are better placed to meet the needs of people with disability who use, visit, work or volunteer for AV6K成人网.

Our Accessibility Action Plan forms part of a series of initiatives aimed to reinforce a safe and inclusive culture at AV6K成人网. By working together with our patients, our community and our people we will deliver a better service for everyone in their time of need.

Community Voices

Here at AV6K成人网, our community is at the heart of everything we do. We strive to protect, educate, support, and provide emergency healthcare every day to the very community that gives us our purpose. With our services covering all of Victoria, including Metropolitan Melbourne, Gippsland, The Grampians, Loddon Mallee, Barwon South West, and Hume, our community is made up of hundreds of thousands of individuals. Each of them have unique stories that’d we’d like to share with you.

Stories from Our Community聽

Our Community Advisory Committee

Our Community Advisory Committee has an integral role in strengthening the consumer and community voice within AV6K成人网, and enhancing the design and delivery of our services and the experience of consumers who receive them.

The Committee is made up of 8-10 members of the community who reflect the voice of patients, carers and families, and the cultural (including from the Aboriginal community), gender and geographic diversity of the Victorian community.

An advisory committee to the Board, the Committee is a key initiative to ensure the development of effective and meaningful consumer and community engagement at AV6K成人网.