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Someone nearby might need CPR.

Could you help?

Cardiac arrest is often unexpected. For every minute a patient doesn鈥檛 get CPR/defibrillation, their chances of survival fall by 10%.

GoodSAM (Smartphone Activated Medic) connects responders to patients in those first critical minutes of cardiac arrest while paramedics are on the way.


Recent evidenced backed up by the Australian Resuscitation Council suggests that bystander CPR can be safely performed during the pandemic if guidelines are followed.

This includes GoodSAM responders performing compression-only CPR and not using rescue breaths, wearing a surgical mask and covering the patients face and nose.

To opt-in and receive GoodSAM alerts, open the GoodSAM app, go into your 鈥渕e鈥 profile and make sure the 鈥渞eport on duty鈥 setting is switched on and highlighted red.

What is the GoodSAM app?

GoodSAM is a free global smartphone app that alerts聽responders to someone聽nearby in cardiac arrest. GoodSAM is linked to the Triple Zero (000) communications centre, so as soon as an ambulance is dispatched, a GoodSAM alert will notify you.

How does it work?

How can you help a stranger in cardiac arrest? It鈥檚 easier than you think.

  1. A Triple Zero call (000) triggers an alert to be sent to a GoodSAM Responder.
  2. The responder聽is told the location of the patient and the nearest available defibrillator (AED).
  3. At the same time, the closest available ambulance is simultaneously sent to the patient, and in some parts of Victoria, the fire brigade is also dispatched.
  4. Meanwhile, the GoodSAM Responder can provide CPR and, if possible, make use of the nearest available defibrillator. This gives the patient a greater chance of survival. Don’t know CPR? Learn here.

Become a GoodSAM Responder

Are you interested but need more information? You鈥檝e come to the right place.

GoodSAM Responders

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