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A Proud History

AV6K成人网 is an emergency service that prides itself on giving our patients the right care at the right place at the right time. The leading edge clinical practice and lifesaving work of our paramedics underpins our purpose of improving the health outcomes of the Victorian community. We provide pre-hospital treatment and ambulance transport for people in urgent medical emergencies, and draw upon our clinical expertise and experience to help resolve less-urgent medical issues.

Our services were born in the community and community remains at the heart of everything we do.

Our Governance

AV6K成人网 is a statutory authority which operates under the Ambulance Services Act (1986). We report to the Minister for Health and Ambulance Services through the Department of Health and Human Services, and are governed through a Board of Directors appointed by the Governor in Council.

Our Board

The AV6K成人网 Board of Directors develops strategic direction, oversees financial and service performance, and ensures regulatory and government policy requirements and standards are met.

Our Executive

The AV6K成人网 Executive Committee has responsibility for the overall management and operations of the organisation. This includes the setting of the organisation鈥檚 strategic direction, functions, structure and performance.

Strategic Plan

AV6K成人网 has recently worked with our stakeholders to develop our Strategic Plan for the next five years. The Plan sets out our organisational vision and objectives and will guide our decisions and actions to develop into a world leading ambulance service.

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Our Services

While our core service is to provide聽emergency pre-hospital medical response we also provide a number of other services including non-emergency patient transport, adult retrieval, emergency management and air ambulance.

Our Performance

AV6K成人网 responds to more than 840,000 emergency and non-emergency cases, and transports more than 660,000 patients by road or air each year. We gauge the performance and effective delivery of our services through measures including response times, which we release on a quarterly basis. We also measure the impact our clinical interventions have on the immediate and longer-term medical condition of our patients. This allows us to understand the significance of our interventions and, where beneficial, change our clinical practice to improve future patients鈥 medical outcomes.


AV6K成人网鈥檚 (AV鈥檚) purchasing activities are based on the principles outlined by the Victorian Government Purchasing Board (VGPB), underpinned by ethical behaviour and achieving best value for money outcomes.

AV6K成人网 Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Declaration

As a public sector entity, AV6K成人网 (AV) has a responsibility to maintain and protect the trust of those we serve.

Careers with AV6K成人网

Ambulance is a unique working environment, where the actions of each employee contribute to the ultimate aim of caring for our patients.聽A career at AV6K成人网 is so much more than just a job, it is a real way to make a difference.

Our Research

Research is integral to AV6K成人网 achieving its vision of improving the health of our community.