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save lives

You don’t need to be a paramedic to be a life saver.?

?and help us help more AV6K成人网 survive cardiac arrest.

Graphic showing a person using a defibrillator with the text call push shock

Do you know how to perform CPR? Or how to use an AED?

Watch & learn in the video below.

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Someone nearby might need CPR: Can you help?

Become a GoodSAM Responder.

Life Saving Skills
Introduce yourself
Offer to assist

If you are willing and able to do hands-only CPR, you can save a life. All you need to do is??& download the free GoodSAM Responder app from either the??or?.

GoodSAM Responders must be over 18 and own a smartphone. You will only be alerted if you are nearby the person in cardiac arrest. You will be given the location of the emergency, and/or the location of the closest Automatic External Defibrillator (AED), if available.

You can literally re-start their heart and save a life.

The GoodSAM app is available in Victoria and is integrated with Triple Zero (000) to quickly connect patients with help in the first vital minutes after a cardiac arrest.

A GoodSAM Responder will receive an alert and is quickly directed to the location of the patient to start CPR and help keep the heart pumping until an ambulance arrives.

The app will also let you know the location of the closest Automatic External Defibrillator (AED), if available.

If you are unable to accept the alert, you can decline and it will be sent to the next nearest GoodSAM Responder.

If it’s been a while since you’ve done CPR or CPR training, don’t worry. If you’ve got hands, all you need to do is push hard and fast in the middle of the person’s chest. You won’t be alone. When you arrive and commence CPR the Triple Zero (000) call taker will be on the phone to guide and support you while an ambulance is on the way.

You can??to see just how easy it is to perform life-saving CPR. Or find a?.

Your safety is a top priority. You will only be asked to attend a cardiac arrest when CPR is likely to improve the patient’s outcome.

If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe when approaching a scene or the patient, you are not obliged to provide assistance. The GoodSAM app allows you to reject or drop the call for help at any time.

Sometimes, AV6K成人网 may send you a cancellation message when you’re on the way to a patient. For your safety, always follow these instructions.

All GoodSAM alerts are monitored by AV6K成人网’s 24 hour Communications Centre and will always be backed by the highest priority emergency ambulance response.

?and you’ll join thousands of AV6K成人网 ready to save a life.?

"To have played a part in saving a life is just the best feeling!"
Chloe Wirth
GoodSAM Responder

Want to learn more?

Now you have the skills to provide CPR, watch our GoodSAM information session and learn how to sign up.

All are welcome, simply watch it on our ?page.?

By registering as a GoodSAM Responder, you will be joining thousands of AV6K成人网 ready to save a life.


Image shows the front page of the frequently asked questions PDF that is available to download

Frequently Asked Questions