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How we respond to Triple Zero (000) calls

Paramedic at computerAmbulances are for life-threatening and serious medical emergencies.

Each week we receive hundreds of calls from people whose condition is not serious.

In many of these cases, rather than send an emergency ambulance we link these patients with a more appropriate service for their condition.

This may be seeing their local doctor, visiting a pharmacy, self-treating their condition or in some cases making their own way to hospital.

We respond equally to all patients, based on their clinical condition. It鈥檚 important to note that being an AV6K成人网 member does not provide any response priority (but does protect you from paying transport fees if you use an ambulance).

Our paramedics are highly skilled and are trained to provide life-saving and emergency treatments.

Our priority is to ensure these paramedics are available to respond rapidly to patients who require life-threatening and emergency treatment.

If you would like to provide feedback about our service, please use our .